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  • Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Gears

    The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) announces the publication of an emerging technology document, Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Gears. This paper is part of the AGMA Emerging Technology Committee’s commitment to bring information on disruptive technologies to the AGMA membership. Kirk Rogers, PhD, Senior ADDvisorSM of The Barnes Group Advisors was brought on to author the paper with significant input from members of both the AGMA Emerging Technology Sub-committees on 3D Metal Printing and New Materials. Kirk Rogers, PhD, will provide an overview of the paper and answer your questions during this webinar. Sign up today to hear it from the author how this technology can affect you.

  • High Profile Contact Ratio Gearing - August 27, 2020

    Includes Credits

    High Profile Contact Ratio (HCR) gears, both spur and helical, have been shown to provide significant reductions in gear mesh frequency noise and vibration levels and, depending on the specific configuration, improved load capacity as well. The design of HCR gears is, however, far from a simple task and must be carefully accomplished. In addition, HCR gears are not appropriate for every circumstance. In this seminar we will learn just what HCR gears are and under what circumstances they can be used to advantage. Similarly, we will learn when HCR gears are not appropriate and why. We will cover the detailed tooth geometry changes that are required to effectively achieve optimum performance and benefit. We will learn how the load distribution along the involute profile changes when the contact ratio increases above two. Because of the longer, generally more slender teeth on a HCR gear the heat treatment and profile modifications that are required for good performance are distinctly different from those for a standard contact ratio gear. The load capacity rating of HCR gears requires the application of modified AGMA analyses as the AGMA Standards specifically do NOT address gears with profile contact ratios greater than 2.0 thus we will also cover the changes required to successfully rate HCR gears.

  • External Spur And Helical Gear Mesh Contact Analysis Video Training

    Includes Credits

    This online seminar will calculate and demonstrate the effect that shaft bending, torsional windup and tooth deflections have on loaded tooth contact on various configurations of parallel shaft spur and helical gearing. With the loaded tooth and shaft deflections identified in real life examples, tooth helix and profile modifications will be developed that, when properly manufactured and applied, will significantly improve loaded tooth mesh contact to support realistic load distribution factors used in rating of parallel shaft spur and helical gears. The process involves the application of commercially available software that models the loaded gear mesh in FEA. This evaluation and corrective action will promote optimization of power density with predictable fatigue life.

  • Coronavirus, the economy and key machinery markets – current perspectives

    The crisis triggered by the expanding footprint of the coronavirus globally and within North America has few precedents. Cross checks to prior recessions in 2008-09, 1981-82, and even the depression triggered by the Spanish flu of 1918-1919 serve to give some guidance, but crude. The economy and the outlook for key machinery and capital goods markets is fluid and changing daily. Jim Meil will give call participants an update on the current situation and scenarios for what may lie ahead for 2020 and beyond.

  • The End of the World...and Other Opportunities Webinar

    The era of globalization is dependent upon freedom of the seas, American security overwatch, and a global consumer base — all of which were coming to an end before coronavirus erupted upon the world. The pre-coronavirus pace of change, already among the most rapid in history, has now accelerated greatly. Join us as Peter Zeihan walks us through the causes and consequences, the actions and inactions, which have made and are unmaking our world.

  • Gear Failure Analysis - November 10-12, 2020

    Explore gear failure analysis in this hands-on seminar where students not only see slides of failed gears but can hold and examine those same field samples close up. Use of a microscope to examine field samples.

  • Heat Treat Equipment Operator - September 8-11, 2020

    Includes Credits

    This course provides the operator the means to perform the heat treatment of steel gears in a manner that meets the AGMA and customer requirements in a safe and efficient manner. The course identifies the key information needed for proper processing. Sufficient metallurgical background is provided to allow the student to identify how this information relates to the required properties of the gear.

  • Basic Gear Inspection for Operators - November 4-5, 2020

    Learn the common, current and basics of the tools and techniques used to measure and inspect gears. There are four main categories by which a gear evaluated and classified. Gear design, manufacture and inspection are based on numerical scale that defines gear quality. The methodology to measure and techniques required to quantify quality of a gear tooth form will be thoroughly investigated and explained. It is often stated that quality cannot be inspected into the part, however inspection can tell us what to do to correct many issues.