How do I register for an online course and/or webinar?

Go to www.agma.org/education. On the left side of the page under ‘Quick Links’, select Online Education. This contains all of our online education offerings:

  • Workforce Training Series
  • Video Training
  • Webinars

 How do I register for face-to-face classes?

Go to www.agma.org/education. On the left side of the page under ‘Quick Links’, select Course Offerings. This contains all of our face-to-face education offerings. Once you have selected the course you want to take, there are two ways of registering.

Online Registration: To register online simply click on the Register Now button on the course page. This will prompt you to login to the AGMA Website using your login and password. If you do not have an AGMA login, you may create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page. Our database will automatically know if you are a member or non-member and will give you the correct pricing.

Note: If you are unsure of your status as a member or non-member please contact our Database Administrator before proceeding.

Registration Form: To register via a registration form simply click on Registration Form to download the form, fill it out and be sure to check the box of the course you want to attend. Once you have completed the form, you can either fax it to AGMA with the cover letter “Education Registration” at (703) 684-0242, or scan and email it to our Registrar at education@agma.org.  

For Purchase Order and Wire Transfer registration information, please contact the Registrar at education@agma.org.  

Note: We do not accept P.O. payments after October 31. Thank you.

For more detailed instructions on education registration, please visit our Education homepage page

Accessing AGMA’s Learning Management System (LMS):

  1. Click the link here, to access the site or you can type into your browser learning.agma.org.
  2. Once on the LMS webpage, on the right middle of the page, in the grey bar, you will see a log in, button. Click that and log in using your AGMA credentials.
    1. If you do not have AGMA credentials or have issues signing in, please email education@agma.org and we will assist you.

Finding information for currently registered courses:

  1. Once logged in to the Learning Management System, click “My AGMA Classroom” located in the grey bar.
  2. This is your Dashboard where courses you are currently registered for are located, including on-demand courses you still have access to.
  3. By clicking on a course you want to access, you will open the course information.
  4. There are several tabs included with various courses. There will be an overview with general course information that can be found on the website as well, handouts for download and viewing , as well as content where you can access recordings (if applicable), the course survey, and the certificate of course completion.
    1. In order to access the certificate of completion, you must complete the survey.

Other information on the Learning Management System:

  • The button for “Catalog” will lead you to all courses we currently have available, including both in-person live, in-person virtual, and online on-demand.
  • FAQ’s will help answer any common questions we have received regarding our courses.
  • IACET includes all information regarding our IACET accreditation and requirements.
  • Connect will lead you to information regarding AGMA’s Technical Committees which we encourage our members to get involved in!  

Other FAQs:

I am a member of AGMA. Are the webinars free?

Yes! All of our webinars are provided as a member benefit.

I am a member of AGMA. Is the Workforce Training Series free?

Yes! Our Workforce Training Series are provided as a member benefit.

Can I receive Continuing Education Units for the online courses?

Yes! You can earn CEUs for the following courses:

  • Online Video Training: Gear Failure Analysis = 1.0
  • Online Video Training: Detailed Gear Design = 1.9
  • Online Workforce Training: Fundamentals of Gearing = 1.0
  • Online Workforce Training: Hobbing = 1.5
  • Online Workforce Training: Parallel Gear Inspection = 1.2

Do I receive CEUs for the webinars?

No. For the webinars you will receive clock hours.

Do the Online Courses (Workforce Training Series & Online Video Training) have pre-tests and final exams?

Yes. Our Workforce Training series online courses have a pre-test and final exam to measure retention of the material. Our Online Video Training has a final exam. You must receive a minimum of 80% on the final exam to pass the courses.  

Do I receive a certificate once I have completed the online course?

Yes. Once you have completed all the course components your certificate will be available for printing.

Do I receive a certificate after I have completed a webinar?

Yes. After viewing the webinar, you will receive your certificate.

Where do I obtain a copy of AGMA courses that I have already taken?

If you want a copy of your AGMA student record, please contact the Education Department at education@agma.org.  

How do I become a member of AGMA?

If you would like to know more about how to become a member of AGMA and receive these benefits, please contact our Director of Membership, Jill Johnson at membership@agma.org.

How can I participate on a technical committee?

If you are interested in participating on a technical committee, please contact Amir Aboutaleb, Vice President of the Technical Division at aboutaleb@agma.org for more information.