How to Spec a Gear


Buying a gear set is usually not as simple as going online and ordering the one in blue, size medium. If poor communication occurs during the quote phase, the gear manufacturer will build what you ordered but not what you needed. This course explains what information a purchaser will need to provide to a manufacturer to ensure you get the best part for your project. It also covers general considerations for making sure you get all the information along with gear set such as documentation and shipping requirements and will outline the data necessary to specify a gear set covering the key answers that the gear manufacturer needs to know prior to design and manufacturing.


Following this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Describe the considerations to consider prior to sending out requests for quote  
  • Explain how the installation affects the gear design
  • Demonstrate how specification, quantity, and delivery requirements affect cost
  • Discuss questions the gear manufacturer is going to ask


  • Engineers and Designers, who utilize gears in their products
  • Procurement agents who need to buy gears
  • Quotation staff to get the right list of questions to ask clients about a gear quote request.

You will have 30 days to view this webinar. 

Frank C. Uherek

Principal Engineer, Rexnord Gear Group


How to Spec a Gear Webinar
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Open to view video. how to spec a gear
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How to Spec a Gear Certificate
1.50 Clock Hours credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 Clock Hours credits  |  Certificate available