Gear Microgeometry Based Load Distribution for Gear Noise, Dynamics and Design Assessments


This webinar will demonstrate techniques for using the gear microgeometry to minimize noise excitations and also to evaluate the gear contact stresses, bending stresses and tribological factors such as film thickness and flash temperature.  The gear pair used in this study is the high speed ratio of the NREL-GRC wind turbine gearbox.  In addition to the load distribution analysis, we shall explore ways of using load distribution analysis to come up with new macrogeometries that perform as well or better than the original design.  Finally, a simple dynamic analysis of the gear set will be performed to observe the response of various natural frequencies to a transmission error excitation.
Following the presentation you will be able to:

  • Have an appreciation for basic gear noise excitations
  • Understand gear microgeometry on design parameters such as transmission error and contact stresses
  • Have an appreciation of a method to evaluate many different gear designs using load distribution results
  • Understand how transmission error excites the simple dynamic system of a pair of gears and accompanying drive and load inertias
  • Appreciate the effects of microgeometry manufacturing variation on the performance of a given gear design


Gear Design engineers
Gear manufacturing engineers
Vibration and noise specialists with a basic understanding of gears

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