Operator Precision Gear Grinding - November 2-3, 2022

Expected Student Learning (Course Level) Outcomes:

Review and challenge control of part datums for pre-heat treatment operations, use datum’s consistently through finishing operations given part prints

Anticipate and correct for part distortion during heat treatment knowing the actual heat treatment process used.

Ask questions of gear designers and manufacturing engineers to acquire all information required to produce conforming finished gears

Accurately apply and inspect pre-calculated micro-geometry modifications derived from complex contact analysis software

Perform component finishing machine setup, alignments, component inspection and calibrations to established ISO standards

Select the optimum grinding wheel specification given part print and heat treatment used

Achieve compliance with finished parts to meet print requirements and customer performance expectations

Accurately measure pre and post finish gear tooth thickness given finished tooth thickness specifications

Avoid and detect the presence of Twist Error

Avoid and detect presence of grind burn temper

Avoid typical gear fatigue failure modes

Identify common non-conformances, apply problem solving techniques and corrective actions

1.3 CEUs


Components visible upon registration.