Gearbox Systems Design - July 19-21, 2022

Who Should Attend:

Gear design engineers

Management involved with the design and manufacture of gearing type components

Metallurgists and materials engineers

Laboratory technicians

Quality assurance technicians

Furnace design engineers

Equipment suppliers 

Expected Student Learning (Course Level) Outcomes:

Understand types of housing construction, housing elements (covers, inspection ports, sump, mounting, etc.)

Apply drawing practices for housings and related components

Bearing mounting, retention and sealing

Understand election and role of gearbox accessories, such as breathers, filters, screens, sight gages, and other level indication devices

Apply the appropriate lubricant selection

Apply the lubricant to the rotating elements

Describe the selection criteria concerning the basic lubricant chemistry. Since the best design is only as good as its implementation, drawing practices and tolerancing will also be addressed from the designers’ perspective.

Learn about translating the general design from the design manual to the individual component drawings. 

2.0 CEUs

Components visible upon registration.