Gear Manufacturing and Inspection - May 17-19, 2022

Expected Student Learning (Course Level) Outcomes:

Identify methods of manufacturing external and internal spur, single and double helical, and bevel and worm gears

Describe the methodology and underlying theory for basic manufacture and inspection of each.

Discuss the “features” associated with each manufacturing method with regard to their impact upon and their ability to refine, guide and optimize the design process.

Take two views of the same results: meeting a “specification” and determining acceptability for a specific application, and interpreting the inspection data for purposes other than simply determining accept/reject status.

Specify the data required to control both the manufacturing and inspection processes on an engineering drawing. This includes both the data to be defined and the presentation of the data on the engineering drawing.

Discuss the basics of a variety of destructive and nondestructive inspection tests, including their underlying theory, application techniques and, most importantly, interpretation of the resultant data.

2.0 CEUs

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