Gear Heat Treatment Operator/Operations - July 27-28, 2022

Who Should Attend:

Heat Treat Operators, Heat Treat Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering

Expected Student Learning (Course Level) Outcomes:

Identify and locate the required information for material, process and equipment for gear heat treatment

Recognize how the various heat treatment processes apply to the relevant AGMA documents

Perform preparation to product and equipment for heat treatment in an efficient and safe manner.

Operate and monitor heat treat equipment, and perform quality control processes.

Perform post-heat treatment processes, Go/No-Go material inspections and cycle documentation reviews.

This course will be held over 4 days, with 4 hours of instruction each day. The course dates are September 8-11 with the class times running 9:00am - 1:00pm EST each day.

1.3 CEUs


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