Fundamentals of Gear Design and Analysis - January 18-20, 2022

Who Should Attend

This course will appeal to anyone who is interested in gears, gear systems, design development or measurement and inspection techniques.  More specifically, anyone responsible for the following will benefit; Mechanical power transmission system design, development, durability assessment and application; Application and development of geared systems technologies; Management of transmission designers and manufacturers; and supply of components and sub-systems to mechanical power transmission system manufacturers 

Learning Objectives:

Develop a full appreciation for the meaning and correct use of gear nomenclature

Describe conjugacy and its relationship to transmission error

Appreciate and be able correctly select the basic geartrain arrangements as a function of application

Be able to describe and discuss the external factors that effect a gear pair and / or a geartrain

Describe how the applied torque manifests itself as a force on the surface of the tooth and further how this develops into stress within the body of the tooth

Be able to describe and discuss the various common manufacturing techniques for gears

Describe the measurement and inspection techniques used to qualify a gear

Develop a high-level of appreciation for various gear failure modes and causes

1.7 CEUs


Welcome to Fundamentals of Gear Design and Analysis!
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