External Spur And Helical Gear Mesh Contact Analysis Video Training

Who Should Attend:

Engineers looking to get a better understanding of gear mesh contact analysis

Expected Student Learning (Course Level) Outcomes:

1. Discuss and review how loaded tooth and shaft deflections impact tooth mesh contact.
2. Learn how to apply commercially available tooth mesh FEA software to model and calculate predicted load distribution factor Km for a gear drive.
3. Determine corrective helix and profile modifications to counter act tooth deflections, improve Km and optimize power density of modeled gear drives

0.3 CEUs


Terry Klaves

Engineering/ Retired

Terry Klaves semi-retired from the Milwaukee Gear Division of Regal Beloit in 2017 after 45 years of work in the gearing industry with four different companies, positions varying from gear engineer to VP of Engineering and responsibilities including gear design, optimization, manufacturing and Quality Assurance.  He has a passion for solving gearing related problems and continues to serve the gearing industry as part time consultant and trainer for AGMA, in addition, he is Chairman of the AGMA TC-60 Committee, contributing to development of ISO gearing standards.  Terry graduated with a BS-Engineering in 1976 and a MS-Engineering from UW-Milwaukee in 1981 and enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for gears through formal consulting and training activities.

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