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VIDEO COURSE: Gear Failure Analysis

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Through generous support from the
AGMA Foundation, AGMA has recorded the popular Gear Failure Analysis live course for wider availability. Taught by expert gear failure analyst, Robert Errichello, P.E., of GEARTECH, students get the experience of the course through 11 segments consisting of a total of 10 hours of in-depth discussion of gear failure modes and supporting training documents. Gear Failure Analysis teaches students the causes of gear failure and how to prevent it from occurring. Avoiding gear failure can save thousands of dollars in repair costs!


In AGMA’s Gear Failure Analysis online video training, you will examine the various types of gear failure, such as overload, bending fatigue, Hertzian fatigue, wear, scuffing and cracking. Possible causes of these failures will be presented, along with some suggested ways to avoid them.


Renowned gear instructor, Bob Errichello, uses a variety of tools and methods – lectures, slide presentations and Q&A sessions – to give you a comprehensive understanding of the reasons for gear failure. Errichello, holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree in structural dynamics.  He has over 40 years of experience, has authored some 60 articles, and is a recipient of AGMA’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. 


The video presents a vast amount of knowledge not available elsewhere and is presented in a clear, well organized and easily understood manner.


Who Should Take This Course

Gear Failure Analysis will help you solve everyday problems whether you are a gear engineer, user, researcher, maintenance technician, lubricant expert, or manager

Recommended Preparation for Gear Failure Analysis is the archived AGMA webinar, Metallurgy of Gear Materials, presented by Dr. Phil Terry. This webinar is excellent especially for those with no training in metallurgy. The webinar is available on CD-ROM or download for $159/member and $295/non-member.

Course Manual

You will treasure your course manual as a permanent reference and guide for failure analysis. It offers over 100 color photos, dozens of illustrations, a textbook and failure atlas. You will refer to your course manual over and over.



Each student completing the course and successfully completing a short quiz will receive a certificate for completion of 10 hours of advanced training.

Course Outline - CLICK HERE

AGMA Standards and Information Sheets Relevant to Material in Gear Failure Analysis - CLICK HERE

This course is presented in English only.

Please note - You are required to print the 343 page course manual (color recommended) prior to starting the course. You will have only one opportunity to print the course manual, please have adequate supplies.

You will have access to view the video for 60 days on your computer.  You may watch the course as many times as you like during the 60 days.

System Requirements:


    * Operating System: Windows 7,Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2
    * Intel® Pentium® III 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
    * 128MB of RAM

Mac OS

    * Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above
    * Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    * 128MB of RAM

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Gear Failure Analysis - Session 1: Introduction to Six Classes of Gear Tooth Failure/Overload/Brittle Fracture
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 2: Overload Continued/Brittle Fracture/Ductile Fracture/Mixed-Mode Fracture/Plastic Deformation
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 3: Bending Fatigue/Low-Cycle Fatigue/High-Cycle Fatigue
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 4: Hertzian Fatigue/Macropitting
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 5: Hertzian Fatigue continued/Macropitting continued/Micropitting/Subcase Fatigue
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 6: Wear/Adhesion/Abrasion
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 7: Wear continued/Corrosion/Fretting Corrosion
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 8: Wear continued/Polishing/Electric Discharge/Cavitation/Erosion
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 9: Scuffing
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 10: Cracking/Hardening Cracks/Grinding Cracks/Rim and Web Cracks/Case/Core Separation
Gear Failure Analysis - Session 11: Participant Presentations from the Hands-On Practical Exam
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Continuing Education Hours: 10.00
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