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DATE: February 11, 2015, 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern

PRESENTER: Frank C. Uherek, Principal Engineer, Rexnord Gear Group

This course will outline the data necessary to specify a gear set covering the key answers that the gear manufacturer needs to know prior to design and manufacturing.



  • Engineers and Designers, who utilize gears in their products
  • Procurement agents who need to buy gears
  • Quotation staff to get the right list of questions to ask clients about a gear quote request.



Buying a gear set is usually not as simple as going online and ordering the one in blue, size medium. If poor communication occurs during the quote phase, the gear manufacturer will build what you ordered but not what you needed. This course explains what information a purchaser will need to provide to a manufacturer to ensure you get the best part for your project. It also covers general considerations for making sure you get all the information along with gear set such as documentation and shipping requirements. 



Following this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the considerations to consider prior to sending out requests for quote  
  • Explain how the installation affects the gear design
  • Demonstrate how specification, quantity, and delivery requirements affect cost
  • Discuss questions the gear manufacturer is going to ask



1)      Introduction

2)      Gearing without Drawings

a) Application Data

i)        Loading

ii)       Speeds

iii)     Operating Cycles

iv)     Failure Limits

b) Environmental Data

i)        Ambient Temperatures and Humidity

ii)       Air Flow

iii)     Noise and Vibration

iv)     Maintenance abilities

v)      Installation site

c) Dimensional Constraints

i)        Input  to output orientation

ii)       Maximum envelope size

iii)     Mounting interface

d) Specification Options

i)        AGMA

ii)       ISO

iii)     Other agencies

e) Inspection and certification requirements

i)        Client requirements

ii)       Testing

iii)     Drawings and documentation

iv)     Warranty and Performance

v)      Intellectual property

3)      Gearing with Drawings

a) Dimensional data

i)        Key interface dimensions

ii)       Surface finish requirements

b) Tooling specifications

i)        Client or manufacturer supplied

ii)       Interface dimensions

c) Accuracy specifications

i)        What standard

ii)       How often measured

d) Material and heat treatment specifications

i)        Commercially available or Proprietary

ii)       Hardness

e) Surface treatments

f) Documentation requirements

i)        Inspections

ii)       Dimensions needed

iii)     Laboratory tests

4)      General Considerations

a) Standard or Custom

b) Lead time

c) Revision control / In process changes

d) Problem resolution

e) Documentation requirements

i)        Information desired

ii)       Witness points

f) Packaging and Shipment

g) Storage prior to use

5)      Conclusions

Course Information
Date Presented:
February 11, 2015 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour, 30 minutes
How to Spec a Gear

Frank C. Uherek
Principal Engineer

Frank C. Uherek, Principal Engineer with Rexnord in Milwaukee WI, received a BSME from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1981 and a MBA from the same institution in 1985. He has been involved in the gear engineering field for over 35 years holding various positions in design engineering and quality management covering enclosed drives, wind turbine drives, open gearing,  and software development. AGMA activities include chairman of the Helical Gear Rating Committee; membership of numerous technical committees; and editor of: AGMA 2001, AGMA 2101, AGMA 6014, and AGMA 6015. He received the AGMA TDEC award in 1997.  He has presented four papers at AGMA Fall Technical meetings and developed two papers for IEEE.  In 2011 he was honored with the AGMA Distinguished Service Award for his work in developing AGMA gear rating standards.

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